Grammy’s Best New Artist Award Goes To…WTF!

Published on February 13th, 2011 | by Oliver Rivers


Honestly,WTF!!! How did Drake or Justin Bieber not take the award for the best new artist at the Grammy’s. What are your thoughts people?

I am upset!

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35 Responses to Grammy’s Best New Artist Award Goes To…WTF!

  1. wayke says:

    Yeah wtf the album of drake thank me later had to win but since eminem is more marketing he fkin win also drakes perfomance with rihana sucks drake just raps like 30 second well that’s why grammys suck.
    Emminem fkin sucks the best are lil wayne. Drake. Kanye. And. Kid cudi

  2. Real says:

    BULLSHIT. How could Drake not win an award ? Every corner you turn Drake is there, if its the radio, TV, internet drake has covered everything. He’s featured on every new song, people only listen to j.cole or any new nigga cuz of Drake his versus are catchy grammys only did that cuz hes Canadian fuk sake bieber didnt even win that kid is more popular then drake bull shit

  3. 503Blazzzzer says:

    Even tho I had never heard of Esperanza im glad she won. She from the town n putting us on the map. Wussssaaaahhhh. Get it rip city!

  4. sergio vaca says:

    fuck justin bieber! drake should of gotten tht award but the winner i guess deserves it she work hard for it so i guess its watever

  5. sergio vaca says:

    At wayke u suck eminem is the best ever u motherfucker must be on some hard drugs man

  6. Matt Edwards says:

    Are you all idiots, neither JB or drake deserve a grammy EVER.
    Justin bieber is utter shite and his music isn’t even any good and he won’t be singing in a years time. when his bollocks drop !!!!
    His music is shit at the best of times and he couldn’t win a grammy if everyone else was dead.
    Drake is just as bad, music crap, 30 second flow on majority of songs and his albums weren’t even that good.
    joined a shit group called Young Money. he just has to jump on other songs because he cant rap, therefore his music shouldn’t be classed as rap hes more rnb style.
    Best are Kanye, Jay Z, 50, lloyd Banks and obvs Biggie and Pac no doubting that.
    The two canadians are shite and im glad they didnt win, young money suck, all people that hate the names listed above should get their heads tested coz u listen to fake rap and shitty pop

  7. matt says:

    Wayke, did you really just say that wayne is better than eminem? are you serious? do you understand how many grammys eminem has and how many albums he’s sold? its ridiculous to think that wayne is even close in competition to eminem.

  8. dylan-h says:

    Matt Edwards- REPLY

    dude 50 cent the best rapper? cmon now he is not that talented at all BIGGIE SMALLS and TUPAC were the best rappers and will always be the best and noone will ever acomplish what they have done! noone in year 2035 will listen to drake or lil wayne or birdman but they will still listen to biggie and pac becuz they made the game and unfortunatly the game is crap nowadays cuz of ppl like soulja boy

  9. dennis says:

    im a metal head and i saw that and was like wtf my self if anything i say drake deserved it more than anything

  10. wayke says:

    Yes dude im fkin serioues emminem is just popular cuase he makes videos of every song and lil wayne dosen t give a fck about videos bsides lil wayne raps a lot better than emminem also grammys are bullshit sold albums like i told u is cause theier video is like in MTV or in VH1 soo ppl watch and buy albums.

    Lil Wayne & Drake best rappers FUCK EMINEM!!!

  11. Matt Edwards says:

    Wayke- Lil wayne and drake suck eminem’s nob they’re shit.
    Dylan H- I didn’t necessarily say 50 was the best rapper, hes good but I agree with you on biggie and pac, they will always be listened to unlike wayne, drake, soulja boy and the rest of young money

  12. i_kissed_birdman says:

    Eminem, gucci, young jeezy, twista, 50 cent, nas are the best rappers……the other rappers Drake, lil wayne, Bieber, usher, suck eachothers dicks

  13. Wayne Head says:

    Yo for real you saying that Em is better than Wayne is a fucking lie, no one wants to listen to a fuckin depressed ass fucking person seriously.. People turn to music for entertainment Em is just a sorry ass white boy thats so depressed at the world I mean for real respect Drakes flow, I dont see none of you famous rapping..

  14. jhock says:

    Drake sucks, so does Justin Beiber. The shame in the whole matter is that neither of the guys are “new” artists by any means, Drakes got shit thats years old now, by that standard could nominate a whole lot better artists to that category

  15. jhock says:

    lol cat said gucci better than wayne. kill yourself.

  16. Elmer Fudd says:

    Does nobody else realize that neither Drake OR Bieber are NEW ARTISTS? And get a reality check, Eminem might have had a good album, but the majority of the population can’t stand his music. Arcade Fire DESERVE that award. Get an education and expand your musical horizons.

  17. jenuvsdrake says:

    Wow who ever MATT EDWARDS AND SERNGIO VACO is gayyyyyyy u r both fucked in the head u guys think that Drake sucks he is the best u little frigger so go back to ur lil moms ass wipe company have a good day !!!!!!!!!!!!! i said good day

  18. jenuvsdrake says:

    MATT EDWARDS you are the most aragent lil piece of shit in the world go back to your country and go die in a hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. jenuvsdrake says:

    Matt EDWARS EVERYONE IN THE WORLD HATES YOU GO DIE BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Matt Edwards says:

    haha jenuvsdrake you suck your dad’s tiny pecker, your fucked in the head!! my mums dead you wanker!!!
    drake is shite and can’t rap
    the only good song hes on is off that with JAy Z.

  21. jenuvsdrake says:

    Matt edward sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:-0

  22. jenuvsdrake says:

    yOOO kaay no this is a fucking hiphop site and u cant say sheiit ! ssooo how old are u 50 ? dont comment on little gurls staments ! got it … !

  23. jenuvsdrake says:

    Wayke is the best kay u r so smart !!!!!!!:D

  24. john davidson says:

    i agree 50 is far better than drake and bieber, this is a hip hop site so yeah why cant 50’s music be on here?
    Jenuvsdrake go stick your head up drakes shitter where it belongs and you’ll have fun while your there. sucking the shit out of the shittest ‘rapper’ arounds anus.
    go fuck yourself!!
    haha oh actually you cant because you dont have a cunt and you certainly dont have a pecker! it shrivelled up when you lost it in biebers arse.
    GIMP MONEY wanna make your bed rock with their lyrical shite

  25. john davidson says:

    how old are you, if you like drake?, im 19 and i cant stand him, saw him on tour hes shit
    kanye west is by far a long margin better than drake and wayne put together

  26. Jen Aguilera says:

    Yeah, I agree… that was a joke!!!!!

    Jen Aguilera

  27. oh so realer says:

    Man y’all are all a bunch of idiots. First eminem sucks which is obviously bullshit or he wouldn’t have already made millions then drake sucks when he went from being a crippled guy nickolodeon to rapping over night pretty much and had people beggging for his music immediately and to say young money sucks when they are already one of the best selling record labels of all time the cold hard facts are if your opinions mattered these people wouldn’t be famous don’t put them down cuz they makin it bigger than you that’s petty and kind of pathetic they are all respectable at what they do or they wouldn’t be where they are at point blank if u don’t like them don’t listen to them losing one fan isn’t gonna hurt someone who has millions! Quit bitching and don’t listen to their music if u don’t like it becuz obviously plenty of other people love it lmao

  28. alex says:

    eminem is good but not as talented as drake he can sing and rap and his voice is extremely unique eminem always has that same angry voice and lil wayne acts retarded in his songs but they still get addicting but drake by far is the best 1 outta all right now

  29. Wranye Winaj says:

    Eminem sounds like he’s trying to be black. Don’t get me wrong Eminem is good. Or at least he’s okay. And don’t get this wrong but no one can rap like a black. Even if your part black it don’t matter, like Drake.
    Young Money is great and Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, are the best rappers alive. Drake totally deserved newest rapper and

  30. Wranye Winaj says:

    Also I am not black just for the record.

  31. Wranye Winaj says:

    Im trying 2 be racist to my own kind so its not racist

  32. yung dayz says:

    Drake does not suck his lyrics are timeless em lil wayne kayne all have been rapping the same way for a while but drake bought a new style of rap to the game wich is why he got the buzz he got wen he first came out…real mc’s like jayz, em, n nas all say he’s good you know y?…bcuz he is! n if real mc’s like that say he’s good who are any of u to say he’s not?n if u think he isnt good ur jus a hater,he was the first real breath of fresh air in the game n a long time…drake got a lil grief from fans an rappers at first bcuz he sang most of his hooks..then wen ppl started feelin it wiz khalifa,j.cole,and even em,started singing there hooks so all that clearly shows that he doesnt suck n did deserve the grammy,idk abt the other artists so i can say he shoulda won it…but he def. deserved it

  33. sammi says:

    eminem is ok but no my personal favorite rapper. his songs are depressing. i dont listen to hiphop/rap to be depressed. its fun. lil wayne is the best. i enjoy his music. it makes me happy. listening to eminem is like listening to a friend with constant drama & issues. it gets annoying. lil wayne makes rap fun! & drake should’ve won that award. hes unique. YM4ever!

  34. ashley says:


  35. ashley says:


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