[News] Is The Hip Hop World Jumping to Support Lil B in I’m Gay War?

Published on April 23rd, 2011 | by Oliver Rivers


Lil B knows how to turn the world upside down and grab attention. When he announced the title to his upcoming album would be “I’m Gay” it spun everyone’s heads. Was he making a real statement about his life or throwing down a challenge?

Destroying the Power of a Corrupted Word and Idea
Lil B has taken a stance unheard of in music and entertainment circles. Instead of coming out of the closet he is proclaiming war against the sinister and insulting use of the word gay. Taking his star power and throwing it right in the face of hardened people who use the word in derogatory means is taking a huge risk. A risk Lil B seems very comfortable with. He understands the power of a word to hurt can only be overcome when someone finally takes a stand and he is the man to make the stand.
Does Lil B Stand Alone in His War on Words?
While many rappers and current hip hop stars are staying away from commenting a few have come out in support of Lil B’s efforts. Soulja Boy in a Vibe comment stated “That’s real, I support in everything.”
In XXL Magazine Kweli threw out his respect for Lil B’s move stating, “And me as an artist, I have no choice but to respect that.”
Most artists are not coming out in full support of Lil B’s decision, but admire the massive risk he is taking with his career. He is throwing down a challenge to all of his fans to support him or to jump off the bandwagon. The outcome will be interesting to see.

I’m Gay Title Has Brought out Hatred in Full Force
Lil B announced on MTV he has received threats of violence and death over his choice of titles. He stands unaffected by these threats. Lil B is a man of conviction and appears to have no fear. In response he states, “I’m very gay, but I love women. I’m not attracted to men in any way. I’ve never been attracted to a man in my life. But yes, I am gay. I am so happy. I’m a gay heterosexual male.” He is taking the original definition of gay and attempting to return the word to its roots.

Is Lil B a Marketing Wizard or A Man On a Mission?
This could be the biggest question as the project goes forward. Lil B in all interviews, mannerisms, and intents appears to be a man on a mission to take away the derogatory power of a simple word. He seems determined to be successful.
On the other side of the coin is brilliant marketing, even if unintended. What album title in recent history has stirred up such news, anger, passion, and conversation within the hip hop world? It does not appear Lil B cares what any other current hip hop star says. He has made a decision and is going to ride it through.

What is your take on Lil B’s decision? Is he a fearless man of conviction and power, making a career ending mistake, or a brilliant marketer set to launch his career to a new level? I’m Gay is set to bring us hot new hip hop sounds along with massive controversy.

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7 Responses to [News] Is The Hip Hop World Jumping to Support Lil B in I’m Gay War?

  1. DaTruth says:

    i say good 4 him and i also feel that he must got someone close to him that is afflicted with this topic. I also would love 4 u 2 post ya hip hop news links on dropyabeat.com nothing wrong with extra free advertising;) so hope to see u soon on dropyabeat.com and big ups to lil b!!

  2. Trev says:

    Welll that’s gay.

  3. Tonic says:

    Fuckin Fagot
    if he wants his album to be gay let it B

  4. tone says:

    He’s a fruitcake..that’s not coo..he’s jus showin’ tha world he’s a fake fag..

  5. StarTrakkD says:

    I can’t say I am a fan of Lil B’s music, but this makes me want to give it a chance. Obviously he says and does some ole off the wall type mess that would lead you to believe that he is in fact homosexual, but so what. I feel like this is an extremely bold move for anyone to make, but him not being more established shows he is willing to do his thing regardless of what’s goin on around him. He is one person who is truly his own person. He is truly happy or better yet gay. I feel like fans and haters alike who don’t support his decision to call his album what he wants can kiss off. who cares what you think. You mad cuz he doin what he want and is proud of what he is doin. And people bein all homophobic need ta chill out. People get too caught up in with the newer take on the word gay and just run with the negativity they have because they don’t agree with it. In his statement, I found it pretty clear he ain’t homosexual. Gay is happy by definition. So again, I say, you mad cuz he happy and he seems to be trying to spread that. At the end of the day, you know his name. whether you choose to support or hate is up to you, but he living his dream and a bunch yall haters. Lil B got my support. keep cooking lol.

  6. rob says:


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