[News] 50 Cent and Dr. Dre Putting the Magic Back Together

Published on May 30th, 2011 | by Oliver Rivers


Just a few months ago it was being reported Dre and 50 Cent were unhappy with each other. 50 Cent’s new wireless headphone deal appeared to be going head to head with Dr. Dre’s Beats for Dre headphones. The Sleek headphone deal fell through and now it sounds like any ill will was just speculation not reality.

50 Cent Leaks a Secret on Twitter

50 Cent dropped out bombshell on fans this weekend tweeting, “I did a joint with with dre for his album that’s crazy.” Then continued to report, “They were suppose to put it out this weekend but you never know with dre.”

This report by 50 Cent quickly puts any rumors about any hard feelings still existing between Dr. Dre and one of his most stellar Hip Hop offspring. While their relationship has definitely been strained in recent times this is great news for Hip Hop fans. It is natural when two hard driving Hip Hop entrepreneurs are battling for contracts and attention they will occasionally have disagreements.

Perhaps the best news from this series of tweets is it helps reinforce the belief Dr. Dre’s Detox is near completion and will make it out the door this year.

50 Cent Driving Forward in the Studio

50 Cent was busy on twitter this weekend talking about all the hard work he is throwing down in the studio. He tweeted, “I’m gonna to keep recording cause I want to top get rich or die trying.” If he pulls off that feat it is going to be an album to remember.


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