Nicki Minaj Covers Complex’s 10th Anniversary Issue

Published on March 20th, 2012 | by Oliver Rivers


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It has been already 10 years that Complex has been in the game and for their 10th Anniversary Issue of the magazine they knew they had to really feature some heavy hitters in the game. Yesterday they unveiled a controversial Justin Bieber cover and for this special edition created a second double cover starry Nicki Minaj.

Christian Anwander did an incredible job shooting some fantastic picks of the Young Money barbie and after the shoot, Minaj sat down with Miss Info, for a revealing Q&A session.

What wows you these days? Everything that comes your way keeps becoming bigger, bigger, bigger.

If I wasn’t doing it, I wouldn’t believe it’s possible. I remember when I was working with Jay-Z. It was like, “Oh my God. Did I really just do a song with Jay?” I worked with Mariah and it wasn’t commercially successful. But I had fun and I made a real friendship with her. It was, obviously, a life-changing moment for me. It does feel like every moment is getting bigger and bigger. Not only did I get a call to do a song with Madonna, but then I got a call to do a video with Madonna, and then—oh, by the way—you’re going to do the Super Bowl with Madonna. This is not really happening.

Read the full Q&A at Complex here!

Photography by Christian Anwander via Complex

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