Jay Z appears in Cognac D’usse promo video

Published on October 19th, 2012 | by stephen Biketi

New Cognac – D’usse (Jay-Z)

 Jay Z appears in Cognac D’usse promo video

Jay-Z is truly a busy man, up and about, getting his hands in on almost  everything. He is a family man, urban fashionist, he does politics, not to mention music and the liquor industry, his newest approach. For a long time now, Jay Z has had a keen interest in the liquor industry and he truly stepped out and demonstrated it early this week by releasing a commercial to advertise his new cognac brand called D’usse.

Commercial: Jay-Z appearence:

Jay-Z is also a man who can call himslef “selfmade”and  truly learned to love the finer things in life. This is clearly demonstrated in his new commercial, which barely lasts a minute. In this commercial, he is seen wearing a tailored bespoke black suit, while slowly puffing a cigar as he sips the drink from a wine glass. The location of this short but highly talked about promo video is Brooklyn Ridge and in the video, Jay Z is seen admiring the New York City skyline as he shows the world what it means to drink in luxury.

 Jay Z appears in Cognac D’usse promo video

The new brand D’usse which is produced by Barcadi is set to compete with Hennessy which is a well respected popular brand in the U.S.

From the no sound video, one can clearly see that this is a drink associated with luxury and those who generally love the finer things in life. The brand is expected to surprisingly retail less than its main competitor Hennessy. A 700 ml bottle of D’usse is actually expected to retail at only $ 44.

 Jay Z appears in Cognac D’usse promo video

Separately, another music icon Ludacris was also launching his promo video for Cognac Conjure in a club setting where he is seen enjoying a night out with his friends.

This promo video is no surprise for Jay Z, coming from a business mogul who is known for mentioning champagne names in his lyrics and music videos.

Only time will tell how this luxury brand will fair on the market, particularly considering the stiff competition from Hennessy.


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