50 Cent releases Formula 50 promo video – Get your body on!

Published on October 22nd, 2012 | by stephen Biketi


Hip Hop Artict 50 Cent

50 Cents releases Formula 50 promo video

We all know 50 Cent as a highly successful 37 year old American rapper, actor, record producer and entrepreneur who has always had a keen interest in the fitness industry. 50 Cent is perhaps one of America’s best built and muscular rappers, with a fine and great masculine body.

Achieving this type of body is hardwork and 50 Cent knows this too. Fitness is an important aspect in his life and to demonstrate this, he has decided to come up with a fitness workout program of his own.

Check the promo video below, as well as more informations about 50 Cent’s new project, which might even motivate you, to start hitting the gym hard as well!

New Promo Video:

Formula 50 by 50 cent

50 Cents releases Formula 50 promo video

Dubbed Formula 50 , this fitness workout program is meant to assist people who are struggling to lose weight. The dude clearly understands issues related to fitness and this week dropped a promotional video to advertise his Formula 50 workout guide.

Looking calm and composed while throwing occasional smiles at the camera, 50 Cent takes time in this video to address the viewer and fully gives information on what his workout program entails and what it benefits users stand to gain by using the program.

Formula 50:

50 Cents releases Formula 50 promo video

In the video, he basically explains that Formula 50 is a 6 week workout plan that gives users the chance to experience 50% body improvement, 20% Energy gain, 10% Loss of body fat as well as 20% Improvement of Strength and endurance.

In the promo video, 50 Cent also goes ahead to briefly explain a perfect diet recipe for people who want to lose weight and decide to subscribe to his workout guide. 50 Cent is a perfect example of a hip hop artist who knows what it means to adhere to a good workout plan.

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