Dreams and Nightmares Intro – Meek Mill Album coming !!

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Meek Mill I would categorically state, is one of the most successful American rappers who has risen to stardom in an incredibly short period of time. At only 25, Meek Mill has probably achieved what other older hiphop artists have never been able to pull off.

He’s enjoying all that hiphop artists wish for… publicity, celebrity status, superstardom and of course tremendous financial reward for his hard work.

 Dreams and Nightmares intro – Meek Mill at his best

Meek Mill’s star started shining in 2011 when he first signed up with Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group and T.I‘s Grand Hustle Records.

Immense support from Maybach Group has seen him prosper to new heights each passing day. Enjoying a lot of publicity and respect in the industry, the dude has been on the spotlight since his single “Tupac Back” featuring Rick Ross hit the charts last year.  Other famous 2011 tracks associated with him include “Ima Boss” also featuring Rick Ross.

“Amen” is a popular hit single off his Dreamchasers project. Full of young blood and talent, Meek Mill is finalizing plans to launch his widely anticipated full debut studio album Dreams and Nightmares”. In a short video, he basically charms his fans in readiness for the album launch.

Check out the Intro below!!

Hungry for more publicity and fame, Meek Mill revealed the name of the album earlier this year on a video blog. He quipped that he wanted to give his fans something special that would see a special connection developed between him and his fans.


Dreams and Nightmares intro – Meek Mill makes a comeback

Meek Mill emphasized that this was a big project for him, more mature and certainly featuring improved beats, sounds and vocals.

Those expecting it to be typical usual mixtrape project he’s done before are in for a rude shock.

Led by Rick Ross, several international guest features are expected to appear on the album, a collabo with Nas “Maybach curtains”, Trey Songz, Drake, Mary J. Blige and John Legend are some of the rumored inclusions.

October 30th is the D-day!

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