Diddy involved in a car crash!!

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Hip Hop mogul Sean “DiddyCombs, popularly known as P. Diddy, was involved in a car mishap in front of the Beverly Hills hotel in Los Angeles on Wednesday. His chauffer driven Cadillac Escalade SUV collided with a Lexus RX vehicle, which was making a left turn at the front of the hotel.

Hip Hop rapper – Diddy

P Diddy involved in a car crash

Looking visibly shaken after the accident, the Hip Hop star was spotted sitting on the grass with officers. He was accompanied by Record label boss Andre Hurrell. He complained of pains, but said he was in a position to see a doctor himself. Neither Diddy’s driver, nor the other driver of the Lexus, that caused the crash were taken to hospital. They were reported to have suffered from bumps and bruises.

P Diddy recovering on the ground

P Diddy involved in a car crash

Employees of the Beverly Hills hotel came in fast to assist the rapper and other victims immediately after the crash. He was later led, being accompanied into the hotel lobby.

The impact of the crash was visibly clear as Diddy’s SUV was extensively damaged on impact. The windscreen was smashed with the front part of the car caving in.

P Diddy’s damaged SUV

P Diddy involved in a car crash

Diddy is a busy guy, known to be up and about, traveling between New York and the West Coast often, for official assignments and busines. While in L.A. he also takes time off to spend time with his family. Nobody knows what his engagements were at the time of the crash.

To date, there is no report that has been received on Diddy’s health as he has not come out to speak about the incident.

We only hope that he is doing fine and that he is going about his business. Good recovery from team ELHH.com – God Bless


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