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Published on June 21st, 2013 | by Oliver Rivers



Are you thinking about getting some new headphones and are conscious about your environment? Then we got something for you! UrbanEars, a leading Swedish headphones manufacturer, has teamed up with Pax to bring you the most ECO friendly headphones on the market.

You might be asking yourself how is that even possible? How can headphones be ECO or even help the environment? For one, every headphone is made out of recycled leftover parts of other headphones. In addition to that with every purchase of a pair of Re:Plattan headphones (which will lay you back 80$) you not just get some great sounding and good looking headphones – love the patchwork-style – but you also help protect five square meters of Costa Rican rainforest.

As we all know deforestation is more and more becoming a problem for a lot of species on this planet and consequently also for us. According to UrbanEars, with your purchase you could be saving the home of about 500 ants, 10 flowers, 5 spiders, 2 butterflies, shrubs, trees or even monkeys. If you ever which to visit the piece of rainforest you protected, all you have to do is go to the engraved GPS coordinates in your headphones. Isn’t it great if you can support a good cause by buying a great product? I would definitely say yes which brings us back to the UrbanEars Re:Plattan.

Once we get our hands on a pair we will be posting a detailed review. One feature I love already is Zoundplug, this allows your friends to plug in additional headphones right in to yours earcap to share music.

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