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Published on June 30th, 2015 | by Speezy!

We got a chance to catch up with Huston very own N8TCH. Just released his latest mixtape “Heavy Hittas” on & you can check out the full mixtape below. Check out this short but sweet interview! We know N8TCH can be the next rep for h town! What do you  think?

I grew up listening to:
Jay-Z , Wu-Tang, Gangstarr Mobb Deep and a lot of east coast heavy artists when I first got into it… As I got older I got into cats like Kanye West, and Lupe Fiasco J Cole Outkast I started understanding hip hop in terms of the art and its lyricism. Moving to Houston also broadened my horizons I was always into Scarface but I got into guys like Trae, Z-Ro, Big Moe and a lot of other Legends down here.
My favorite artist:
I grew up a big time Jay-z fan.. Had every cd had his book all that… But hands down my favorite is Kendrick Lamar. He’s just from another planet.. His music is the most amazing stuff I’ve heard.. I  will listen to OD, Section 80, GKMC and To Pimp A Butterfly in secession repeatedly and it never gets old.. Seeing him on his tour for GKMC made me realize this was for sure what I wanted to do.
Most people don’t know:
I was born in Germany, my dad was in the military so we moved around a lot. There was a two year period I lived in Italy before we moved back to NY.
My style has been compared to:
Rakim meets Prodigy I’ve been getting that a lot.. I guess it’s the voice I have why people say Rakim.. I hope one day to reach the level of both those guys legacies. P definitely could be argued as the best from 95-00.. Dudes flow was so ill.. He’s a big time influence on me.
Standout records and/or moments to date:
The one that definitely got me of late was To Pimp A Butterfly… That’s the best album I’ve heard.. Well since his last one… It’s miles ahead and maybe I’m biased. But K Dot definitely brought the funk back.. And he’s got people listening again. A stand out record for me I would say is This Heavy H.I.T.T.A.S. Tape… I feel like I’m starting to find my groove with this one.. develop my sound.. I just hope people dig it too.
My goal in hip-hop is:
Is to become one of the greatest ever… Isn’t that everybody’s goal? I mean if it isn’t you’re in for the wrong reason… But not only that I wanna be able to reach as many people as I can.. Hopefully impact people the way Kendrick did when I saw him at that show.
I’m going to be the next:
Great artist out of Houston… I want to leave my mark not only here in the 3rd coast.. But everywhere. Like I said I want to be the best so there’s no sitting back settling for that.. And I wanna reach as many people as I can.

There you have it! N8TCH! Check out his latest mixtape “Heavy Hittas” now!

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