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Lil Waynes Official Rebirth Album Cover

Lil Wayne's Official Rebirth Album Cover

Here is Lil’ Wayne‘s official “Rebirth” album cover.  The album is due to drop on December 15th.  This album has been much anticipated and apparently Weezy rocks out on the guitar on almost every track!

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Lil Wayne & Birdman

Lil Wayne & Birdman

All-star rapper Kanye West was on his blog Sunday night writing about co-rapper Lil Wayne. Kanye was talking about the upcoming and much anticipated documentary “The Carter“. Kanye watched the trailer for the film and said afterward that there aren’t many true rock star’s out there, but that Wayne is one of the few. Shout out to Kanye West for giving it up to Weezy, as he is considered to be the one of the most hard working, dedicated, and, most importantly, talented artists in the industry today. Straight up.

In further Lil Wayne news, the Birdman, Brian “Baby” Williams, spoke about Young Money without Wayne. Baby said that they’ve got a master plan, and that people won’t even be able to tell Wayne’s in jail, excluding Wayne’s family and friends, who say they will miss him and impatiently wait his release.

Holla’ RB.

rihanna & drake

rihanna & drake

Young Money‘s Drizzy Drake recently spoke about Rihanna‘s upcoming album, “Rated-R”, due to be released late November. Drake mentions how the record is really going to be amazing and has high hopes for it’s success.  He even mentioned how he worked on the album with Rihanna, but did not give any further details on the subject. He also talks about Rihanna’s repertoire, saying how she’s got great albums out now, but that she’s also got great albums due for later dates. So everyone who’s a Rihanna fan be on the look out! Drake sends out his respect for her great work and dedication to the industry… Respect.

Shouts RB.

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mack maine, lil wayne & t pain

mack maine, lil wayne & t pain

Young Money label president Mack Maine talking about the future of Young Money without Lil Wayne.  As you may or may not know, Wayne is in fact going to jail for around 8 months starting in February. Mack says that there is a possibility Wayne can get his sentence cut down, we just have to wait and see. According to Mack, Weezy is taking the situation like a soldier and that Wayne’s focus right now is on making sure everything’s straight within Young Money before he departs… True G.

Respect RB.

lil wayne and birdman

lil wayne and birdman

This just in…Lil’ Wayne Birdman are being sued for copyright infringement by a Florida resident, Thomas Marasciullo. Thomas was asked to record an Italian/Mobster like voice for Cash Money Records and is now claiming they used it in their track “Like Father, Like Son” and several other tracks off of Birdman’s “5 Star Stunna” record.  By the way…this was back in 2006, WTF!!!

Read on and you will get the full picture.

Word on the street or actually according to PerezH., Thomas realized his voice was being used when his daughter mistakenly downloaded the Birdman track instead of a ringtone from Aretha Franklin’s titled “Respect”. YEAH RIGHT!!! That’s pure Bull, I do not believe that for one full second.  Perez continues to explain how Thomas’ son who was a recording engineer at Cash Money Records got fired (AH???SO thats why!!!) when he started asking for more compensation.  I guess he thinks he deserves that cash money.

Some people ay….

Thanks Perez.

lil wayne & bow wow - new hip hop songs

“We had two sit-downs,” Bow Wow said of meeting with Cash Money. “Upon the first sit-down, I called [co-CEO Birdman] and told him what I wanted to do. So it was a no-brainer. He was like, ‘Bow, you always been family. Next to Wayne, I look at you like my son. If you not with JD, you with us.’ From there, it was a done deal. So I wanna thank [him], Slim and Wayne.” read the full article at MTV


lil wayne rebirth album cover

Lil wayne is set to drop an “experimental” type of album in our opinions, branching out to the Rock/Hip-Hop genre. For now, check out the most recent artwork to Lil Wayne’s Rebirth album.

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