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Preparing for the release of “Love Fame Money 2”. Xspo delivers a new tune. “The Motivation” ft. Tray Boi, produced by Xspo. “Love Fame Money 2” will be available this summer.

Listen To: Xspo – The Motivation f. Tray Boi (Prod. By Xspo)

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Check out “The Wave” by Ohio’s own Carlon. Bringing a new ‘wave’ & sound to the scene. ELHH Exclusive!

Visions COver Art

Two Toledo, OH natives collaborate, doing what they love. Spreading positive vibes through the sound waves, kicks & drums. Don’t forget to Live A Bomb Life!

ELHH Exclusive!

“I used to have a vision it was vivid.
It was all a dream, now all I do is live it.
Pay attention man this what you people looking for…”

Instagram: @BoomTheBomb | @DjAkademik
Twitter: @BoomTheBomb | @TheDjAkademik



Everyday you wake up, Live A Bomb Life! This video takes you on a journey through Toledo’s Franklin Park Mall with one of Ohio’s dopiest up and coming MC’s Boom The Bomb.





Pittsburgh Native, Jordan York, just released a new music video showing love & appreciation to his city. If you never been to The Burgh, watch as York  describes how awesome his city is. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers so when I watch it for the first time I was swinging my terrible towel around.


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